Questionnaire - Ninth European Space Weather Week
November 5 -9, 2012, Brussels, Belgium

Dear ESWW9 participant,
Next year will mark the tenth anniversary of the European Space Weather Week. In order to make this event the best yet, we invite you to give us your comments on this year's ESWW. Planning for the ESWW will start in December so don't delay!

With thanks
The ESWW9 Programme Committee

Your name

Are you a (please list all relevant):

How did you hear about ESWW9:

How many days did you attend:

Which special events of ESWW9 did you attend:

Did you feel that the event conference fee was reasonable for the service provided:

Tell us what you thought about the main sessions: 3 plenary sessions and 2 groups of 2 parallel sessions.
Were there enough sessions or too many?
Would you prefer to see more or fewer parallel sessions?
Did the topics covered address your interests?
What topics would you like to see next year?

Poster Sessions: The posters were on display from Monday to Friday in the coffee area.
Did you have sufficient time to view the posters?

The following concerns the handling of oral and poster presentations.
Did you present a paper - oral or poster - at ESWW9?
Was the submission process effective?
Were you kept sufficiently informed?
What additional information would be helpful?

Tell us what you thought about the splinters.
Was there enough room in the schedule for splinter meetings?
Did the topics address your interests?
Were there enough or too many splinters scheduled in parallel?

Tell us what you thought of these special events, and please give us your suggestions for future events:
Keynote lecture and welcome

If you have any further comments on the organisation, structure of the week or any of the activities provided, please leave them here.