Session - Space Weather Challenges for Resource Exploitation

Magnar G. Johnsen, Knut Stanley Jacobsen

Space Weather affects resource exploitation operations at all latitudes. However, in particular, as previously unavailable high latitude regions of Earth gets accessible owing to changes in the climate, resource exploitation operations will become more common in and close to the auroral zone. For instance geomagnetic surveying and geomagnetic navigation during horizontal drilling sees challenges caused by frequent and large disturbances in the geomagnetic field caused by auroral electrojets in the high latitude ionosphere. Also any operation dependent on precision satellite navigation is affected owing to large and time-dependent, horizontal gradients and irregularities in the electron density associated with auroral precipitation and polar cap patches and blobs. This session addresses the scientific background of ionospheric/space weather effects on resource exploitation operations as well as how these effects poses challenges for operators. Furthermore, how these challenges are approached and solved will be addressed.

Tuesday November 18, 09:00-13:00, room Mosane

Talks: time schedule

09:00 Invited - The Accuracy of Extrapolated Magnetic Observatory Measurements for MWD in the Arctic Clarke, E et al.
09:20 Invited - Geomagnetic Variations along Concurrent Latitudes due to Ionospheric Currents Edvardsen, I et al.
09:40 ESA SSA - Service Supporting Resource Exploitation System Operators (RESOSS) Johnsen, M G et al.
10:00 The Geospace Monitoring Based On Yamal Geophysical Network For Resource Exploitation Zaitsev, A et al.
10:20 Russian Network of Geophysical Observations in Arctic and Antarctic Assigned to the Space Weather Monitoring Troshichev, O et al.
10:40 Maritime user Requirements at High Latitudes - First Results from the MARENOR Project Behlke, R
11:30 Invited - Fugro offshore positioning: sailing through the solar maximum Visser, Hans et al.
12:30End of session
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