Session - Cross calibration of high energy particle measurements for heliospheric environment modelling

D. Heynderickx, P. Jiggens, J.V. Rodriguez

Measurements of SPE and GCR particle populations have been collected for many decades, both on ground, in the atmosphere and in space, with a variety of instrument types (Geiger counters, cloud chambers, photographic emulsions, particle telescopes, dome detectors, dosimeters, ...). Combining these different data collections into a homogeneous data resource is very challenging. Even data collected by spacecraft with similar instruments are notoriously difficult to cross calibrate into a common set of spectral energies and particle species. The need, both societal and scientific, to have accurate and consistent space weather observations from multiple platforms continues to drive cross-calibration efforts. Several efforts have been undertaken, or are ongoing, to re-process historical datasets in order to obtain absolute flux values from the various instruments that have flown (or are still flying) on spacecraft. These efforts are often hampered by a lack of detailed information on instrument characteristics and responses, and sometimes by the poor availability of the data itself. There has been a renewed interest in calibration issues as evidenced by the organisation of a calibration mini-workshop at this year's Space Weather Workshop in Boulder, Co, and the submission of an ISSI workshop proposal. ESWW11 provides an excellent opportunity to continue and increase international collaboration on this crucial aspect of environment modelling. We solicit contributions on recent calibration efforts and development of new methodologies. Contributions on standardisation of calibration methods and on archiving and dissemination of calibrated datasets are also welcome, as are successful models from the discipline of meteorological observations.

Tuesday November 18, 09:00-11:00, 12:00-13:00, auditorium Reine Elisabeth

Poster Viewing
Tuesday November 18, 11:00-12:00, area in front of auditorium Reine Elisabeth

Talks: time schedule

09:00 Cross-Calibration Activities at The Aerospace Corporation Blake, B et al. Invited oral
09:30 Capabilities of the Space Instrument Pamela for Solar Research Roberta Sparvoli, R et al. Oral
09:50 Extended Measurement Capabilities of the Electron Proton He- lium INstrument aboard SOHO - Energy Spectra up to 1 GeV and Anisotropies during GLE 71 Kühl, P et al. Oral
10:10 Cross-Calibration of SOHO/ERNE Proton and Heavy ion Measurements with other Particle Instruments at L1 Valtonen, E et al. Oral
10:30 Intercalibration of the Solar Proton Channels from the GOES 8-15 Energetic Particle Sensors Rodriguez, J et al. Oral
10:50Poster Summaries
11:00Coffee + Poster Viewing
11:30Poster Viewing
12:00 Cross Calibration of NOAA GOES/EPS Detectors using NASA IMP8/GME Corrected Proton Flux Measurements Sandberg, I et al. Oral
12:20 Construction of a Long Term Interplanetary He Dataset in the Framework of the ESA ESHIEM Project Heynderickx, D et al. Oral
12:40 Processing of the ACE/SIS Heavy Ion Data in the Frame of the ESA ESHIEM Project Varotsou, A et al. Oral
13:00End of the session


1 Snow effect, long-term heliospheric modulation, and 27-day CR variations for total NM intensity and different multiplicities on Mt. Hermon during 1998 - 2013 Dorman, L; Applbaum, D S; Ben Israel, I; Dai, U; Kazantsev, V; Kozliner, L; Pustil'nik, L; Sternberg, A; Zukerman, I
2 Long-term and 27-day variations of the phase and amplitude of the CR solar-daily anisotropy according to NM Mt. Hermon: effects in total intensity and different multiplicities Dorman, L; Applbaum, D S; Ben Israel, I; Dai, U; Kazantsev, V; Kozliner, L; Pustil'nik, L; Sternberg, A; Zukerman, I
3 The on-line each hour automatically correction data of total NM intensity and different multiplicities on snow effect Dorman, L; Applbaum, D S; Ben Israel, I; Dai, U; Kazantsev, V; Kozliner, L; Pustil'nik, L; Sternberg, A; Zukerman, I
4 Re-Calculating NOAA GOES Integral Solar Proton Flux Products Sandberg, I; Rodriguez, Juan; Onsager, Terry; Jiggens, P; Daglis, I
5 Comparative Data Quality Assessment for ACE SIS, ACE EPAM, WIND 3DP, SOHO/ERNE, and SOHO EPHIN during Selected Solar Energetic Particle Events Heber, B; Dresing, N; Kuehl, P; Goméz-Herrero, R; Malandraki, O; Papaioannou, A; Marhavilas, P K; Valtonen, E; Raukunen, O; Riihonen, V; Heynderickx , D
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