9 - Open Session on Recent Advances in Space Weather Science

Ronald Van der Linden and the ESWW11 Program Committee

This session is open to contributions detailing recent advances related to all aspects of space weather scientific research that are not covered in other sessions in the programme of this year's European Space Weather Week. In recognition of the fact that Space Weather is at the moment a buoyant field of research over the full extent of its multidisciplinary content, and not all of these topics can be granted a dedicated plenary session in the programme, we open this session to posters and oral presentations that may not fit the particular thematic focus of this year's ESWW. Contributions accepted for this sessions should demonstrate recent and timely advances in science underpinning space weather services and operations. Oral presentations will be selected from the contributed abstracts (i.e. no a priori invited talks will be included). Abstract proposers should carefully demonstrate the relevance of their work for Space Weather research and operations.

Talks and Highlighted Posters
Wednesday November 19, 09:00-10:30, auditorium Reine Elisabeth

Poster Viewing
Wednesday November 19, 10:30-11:30, area in front of auditorium Reine Elisabeth.
Poster viewing of this session is simultaneous and in the same area with the viewing of the posters of session 10: Open session on Space Weather Applications and Engineering Concerns .

Talks and Highlighted Posters: time schedule

9:00 The Solar Stormwatch CME Catalogue. Barnard, L et al.
9:15 Dynamics of Particles in the Vicinity of the Heliospheric Current Sheet: Observations Versus Theory Khabarova, O et al.
9:30 A Carrington-like Geomagnetic Storm Observed in 21st century Cid, C et al.
9:45 A COSPAR/ILWS roadmap towards advanced space weather science to protect society's technological infrastructure Schrijver, Karel et al.
10:00 Poster Intro of four highlighted posters + overview of the other posters
10:15 Poster Intro of four highlighted posters + overview of the other posters of session 10
10:30Poster Viewing of session 9 and 10, coffee served at 11:00
11:30End of session


1 Highlighted poster: The Thermospheric Auroral Red Line Polarisation: Comparison between Theory and Observations. Lilensten, J; Bommier, V; Barthélémy, M; Bernard, D; Lamy, H; Moen, J; Johnsen, M G; Lovhaug, U P; Pitout, F
2 Highlighted poster: The AE9/AP9 Next Generation Radiation Specification Models: Challenges Huston, S; O'Brien, T P; Johnston, W R; Ginet, G
3 Highlighted poster: Latitudinal Distribution of Extreme ground Geomagnetic Variations: an Extreme Value Analysis Wintoft, P; Wik, M
4 Highlighted poster: First Results from the HELCATS Project Harrison, R; Davies, J; P., C; Moestl, C; Rouillard, A; Bothmer, V; Rodriguez, L; Eastwood, J; Kilpua, E; Gallagher, P; Odstrcil, D
5 A New Method to Detect the ICMEs Boundaries Dumitrache, C; Popescu, N A
7 Estimation of the regional level of geomagnetically induced currents based on the local magnetic field Viljanen, A; Wintoft, P
8 I Love My Sun II (2013 - ): Age 3 to 80 years Tulunay, Y; Tulunay, E
9 Development of Space Weather and Space Climate Prediction Center in the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. First Results and Analysis Tassev, Y; Velinov, PIY; Mateev, L; Tonev, P; Dimitrova, M
10 Value Added Services within the ESPAS System Berdermann, J
11 A Modification of the Force Field Approach to Describe Sub Neutron Monitor Energies Gieseler, J; Heber, B; Herbst, K
12 The Brazilian Multidirectional Muon Detector for Space Weather Studies Dal Lago, A; Echer, E; Braga, C; de Mendonça, R; Rockenbach, M; Schuch, N; Munakata, K
13 Coupling Functions for NM Total Intensity and Different Multiplicities: Analytical Approach Dorman, L
14 Atmospheric Electric Field Effect for Total NM Intensity and Different Multiplicities on Mt Hermon Dorman, L; Applbaum, D S; Ben Israel, I; Dai, U; Kazantsev, V; Kozliner, L; Pustil'nik, L; Sternlieb, A; Zukerman, I; Zukerman, Igor
15 Modeling of Magnetic Cloud Expansion Vandas, M; Romashets, E
16 Mass, Momentum and Energy Transfer Across Transverse Magnetic Barriers through Three-Dimensional Particle-in-Cell Simulations of non-Diamagnetic Plasma Clouds/jets Voitcu, G; Echim, M
17 March 2013 ICMEs and their Geomagnetic Effects Maris Muntean, G; Besliu-Ionescu, D; Mierla, M
18 New Tools to Study Transient outflows and the Occurrence of Strong Southward IMF at 1AU. Rouillard, A; Lavraud, B; Génot, V; Kunkel, V; Odstrcil, D
19 The main Periodicities of the ULF Geomagnetic Power and their Relationship with the Solar wind and Magnetospheric Electron Fluxes Alberti, Tommaso and SWICO Collaboration
20 Space Weather Monitoring by Means of the Polar Cap Magnetic Activity Index PC Troshichev, O
21 HELCATS - Heliospheric Cataloguing, Analysis and Technique Service Davies, J; Harrison, R; Perry, C; Moestl, C; Rouillard, A; Bothmer, V; Rodriguez, L; Eastwood, J; Kilpua, E; Gallagher, P; Odstrcil, D
22 SunPy: New Scientific Analysis Capabilities for GOES Observations Ryan, D; Mumford, S; Christe, S; Perez-Suarez, D; Inglis, A; Dominique, M
23 Coupling of MHD and PIC Codes for Simulations of the Earth's Magnetoshpere. Olshevsky, V; Lani, A; Ho, N-D; Yalim, M S; Lapenta, G; Markidis, S
24 Anisotropic Cascade and Heating of Solar Wind He++ Jons by Oblique Alfven-Cyclotron Waves Maneva, Y; Vinas, A; Moya, P; Wicks, R; Poedts, S
25 Extremes in Worldwide Geomagnetic Activity Thomson, A; Kelly, G; Reay, S
26 Sunspot Identification and Classification Capability of the Automatic Solar Synoptic Analyzer Hong, S.; Kim, Y-K
27 Zero magnetic field as possible risk-factor for cardiovascular system during far space mission Gurfinkel, Y.; Vasin, A.; Sasonko, M
28 Case Study of False Alarms of Geomagnetic Storms Leer, K.; Vennerstrom, S
29-e Space Weather Helioviewer : Advances in the Visualisation of Heterogeneous Solar Data Verstringe, F; Bourgoignie, B; Nicula, B; Berghmans, D; Marqué, C; Delouille, V; Jiggens, P; Mueller, D
30-e Geomagnetic Tools for Space Weather Monitoring Stolle, C; Matzka, J; Korte, M; Linthe, H-J; Park, J; Rauberg, J
remark: the note e means this is an e-poster.