10 - Open session on Space Weather Applications and Engineering Concerns

Alexi Glover and the ESWW11 Program Committee

This session targets the wide range of application development currently ongoing in Europe and abroad. This includes a broad range of application types including algorithms and applications designed to nowcast and forecast space weather conditions in space or on ground, analysis toolkits and supporting data(base) infrastructure developments.
The session is open to well established applications which are already operating as (prototype/precursor) services, newly developed applications and proof of concept demonstrations. Submissions covering tailored applications are particularly encouraged which include a discussion of how the author has worked with a potential/existing service user in order to address specific engineering concerns. In all cases, authors are strongly encouraged to address validation, describe the approach used to assess (anticipated) application performance and to outline their vision and/or experience of how users might take action in response to the output of their application.

Talks and Highlighted Class Posters
Wednesday November 19, 11:30-13:00, auditorium Reine Elisabeth

Poster Viewing
Wednesday November 19, 10:30-11:30, area in front of auditorium Reine Elisabeth.
Poster viewing of this session is simultaneous and in the same area with the viewing of the posters of session 9: Open session on recent advances in space weather science .

Talks and Highlighted Posters: time schedule

10:15 Poster Intro of four highlighted posters + overview of the other posters
10:30 Poster Viewing of session 9 and 10, coffee served at 11:00
11:30 RNLAF's JMG: Linking Experts to end Users van der Laan, W-P et al.
11:45 Flare Detection Method used by GIFDS Wenzel, D et al.
12:00 Automated Detection of Solar Wind Disturbances Vennerstrom, S et al.
12:15 SWTK - The Space Weather Analysis and Visualisation Toolkit Lawrence, Gareth et al.
12:30 The ESPAS e-infrastructure: Access to data from the near-Earth space Belehaki, A et al.
12:45 The NASA Community Coordinated Modeling Center (CCMC) Next Generation Space Weather Data Warehouse Maddox, M et al.
13:00End of session


1 Highlighted poster - Failure Propagation Simulations in Critical Infrastructures Applied to a Space Weather Event Lupo, R; Berrilli, F; Setola, R; Albanese, C; Romani, C; Oliva, G; Del Moro, D; Agostini, F
2 Highlighted poster - Establishing the Geomagnetic Disturbance Benchmark Event for Evaluation of the Space Weather Hazard on Power Grids Pulkkinen, A
3 Highlighted poster - Ground Induced Cuurent (GIC) Hazard Analysis Mapping Toolkit Green, J; Gannon, J; Olsen, A
4 Highlighted poster - The SWENET Online Archive: 10 Years of a European Space Weather Community Resource Laurens, H; Glover, A; Amata, E; Clarke, E; Beltrami, P; Luntama, J-P; Kruglanski, M; Hilgers, A
5 STEREO EUVI as X-Ray Proxy Krishnarao, Dhanesh; Pulkkinen, Antti
6 Polar Cap (PC) index now IAGA-endorsed Stauning, P
7 Large GIC Event on June 29, 2013 storm Sakharov, Y; Katkalov,, J; Shkarbaluk, M; Selivanov, V; Viljanen, A; Pulkkinen, A; Chigomezyo , N
8 Next Generation SPENVIS Kruglanski, Michel; Messios, Neophytos; Calders, Stijn; Hetey, Laszlo; De Donder, Erwin; Parilla-Endrino, Esther; Grande, Ignacio; Ho, Ngoc-Diep; Beltrami, Pablo; Keil, Ralf; Heynderickx, Daniel; Evans, Hugh; Daly, Eamonn; Rodgers, David
9 Testing and Improvement of the CME Geomagnetic Forecast Tool Dumbovic, M; Devos, A; Rodriguez, L; Vrsnak, B; Kraaikamp, E2; Bourgoignie, B
10 Prototype for the new Solar Virtual Observatory Vansintjan, R; Mampaey, B; Delouille, V
11 Regional Auroral Forecast System in the ESA Space Situational Awareness Program Kauristie, K; Partamies, N; Viljanen, A; Myllys, M; Ahmadzai, S; Peitso, P1; Vähämäki, A; Arpikari, M; Keil, R; Martinez, U; Luginin, A; Navarro, V; Glover, A
12 An Integrated Nonlinear Analysis library - (INA) for Solar System Plasma Turbulence Munteanu, C; Echim, M; Kovacs, P; Koppan, A
13 A new Space Weather Facility at the National Observatory of Athens to Support Solar and Ionospheric Observations and Forecasts Belehaki, A; Tsiropoula, G; Tsagouri, I; Kontogiannis, I
14 Simulating Geomagnetically Induced Currents in the Irish Power Network Blake, Seán P; Gallagher, Peter T; McCauley, Joseph; Jones, Alan G; Hogg, Colin; Beggan, Ciarán; Thomson, Alan; Kelly, Gemma; Walsh, Sarah
15-e Earth's Magnetosphere Model in the Framework of the IMPEx Data Model: Web-Services and Visualization Tools Kalegaev, V; Alexeev, I; Belenkaya, E; Mukhametdinova, L; Maxim, K; Genot, V; Kallio, E; Al-Ubaidi, T; Modolo, R
16-e Mapping the Aurora Using Social Media: New Scientific Data for Nowcasting and Forecasting Space Weather? Reay, S; Diaz Doce, D; Flower, S; Clarke, E; Bee, E; Bell, P
17-e Innovative Space Weather Tools for CME analysis, Modeling, and Community Model Validation at CCMC/SWRC Kuznetsova, M; Mullinix, R; Wiegand, C; Mays, L; Maddox, M; Chulaki, A; Pulkkinen, A