Session - Planetary Space Weather

Christina Plainaki, Iannis Dandouras, Maria Andriopoulou

The session welcomes papers on all aspects of the conditions in the Sun, solar wind and magnetospheric plasmas, at different planetary systems of our Solar System, that can influence the performance and reliability of space-borne technological systems. Focus will be given in cross-disciplinary issues, including: - the interaction of solar wind/magnetospheric plasmas with planetary/satellite ionospheres and thick (e.g. at Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Mars, Venus, Titan) or tenuous (e.g. Ganymede, Europa, Mercury, our Moon) atmospheres, including the generation of auroras - the satellite interactions with their neutral environments and dust - the variability of the magnetospheric regions under different solar wind conditions - the inter-comparisons of space weather conditions in different planetary environments Contributions addressing previous (e.g. CHANDRAYAAN-1, KAGUYA), present (e.g. CASSINI, MARS EXPRESS, VENUS EXPRESS, ROSETTA, MAVEN, MESSENGER, VAN ALLEN PROBES) and forthcoming (e.g. BEPI COLOMBO, JUICE, MMS) in situ observations are welcome. Abstracts on theoretical modeling and simulations of planetary space weather conditions, possibly destined for end-users of space weather services, are extremely welcome. Inter-comparisons and interpretation of measurements at different planetary systems and quantification of the possible effect of the environment interactions on components and systems (e.g. radiation doze studies) are strongly encouraged.

Talks and Highlighted Posters
Thursday November 20, 09:00-13:00, auditorium Rogier

Poster Viewing
Thursday November 20, 10:30-11:30, area in front of auditorium Rogier

Talks and First Class Posters: time schedule

09:00-09:20 Energetic Particle Populations and their Contribution to the Solar System Landscape Crosby, N B Invited oral
09:20-09:25 Space weather at Uranus Prangé, R et al. Invited poster 1
09:25-09:30 Saturn's Energetic Charged Particle Radiation Environment: a Space Weather Perspective Roussos, E et al. Invited poster 2
09:30-09:35 Space weather at Saturn Radioti, A et al. Invited poster 3
09:35-09:40 Space Weather Phenomena at the Galilean Satellites Cessateur, G et al. Invited poster 20-e
09:40-09:45 Exoplanetary Exosphere Tails Mura, A et al. Invited poster 21-e
09:45-09:50 Cosmic Ray Interactions with the Venusian Atmosphere Nordheim, T et al. Invited poster 4
09:50-09:55 Solar Energetic Particles in the Mercury Environment Laurenza, M Invited poster 5
09:55-10:30Micro-oral presentations of posters

09:556 Statistical Analysis of Earth-Based Na Exosphere Observations of Mercury Correlated with in-Situ Magnetic Field Measurements by MESSENGER Mangano, V et al.
09:577 Solar wind Turbulence at 0.72 AU and the Response of the Venus Magnetosheath Teodorescu, E et al.
09:598 Nitrogen Ion TRacing Observatory (NITRO): Toward understanding the Earth-Vernus-Mars Difference of N/O Ratio Yamauchi, M et al.
10:019 The Blue and Green Aurorae of the Red Planet. Lilensten, J et al.
10:0322-eMultipoint Imaging and In Situ Observations of Coronal Mass Ejections in June and July 2012 Moestl, C et al.
10:0523-e Vlasiator Simulations of Ion Foreshock Vainio, R et al.
10:0710 Electromagnetic Particle-in-Cell Simulations of the Solar Wind Interaction with Lunar Magnetic Anomalies Deca, J et al.
10:0911 Solar System Plasma Turbulence and Intermittency over the Solar Cycle from in-Situ Measurements in the Heliosphere and Planetary Environments Echim, M et al.
10:1112 Numerical Simulations of Solar-Wind Comet interactions based on Implicit Particle-In cell/Monte Carlo Method Jiang, W et al.
10:1313 Solar Wind Interaction with the Magnetosphere of Jupiter : Impact on the Magnetopause and the Aurorae Bonfond, B et al.
10:1514 Jovian Plasma - Moon Interactions at the Galilean Satellites Plainaki, C et al.
10:1715 Radiation Shielding for an Instrument in the Jovian Environment Rispoli, R et al.
10:1916 Study of the Photoelectron Emission from the Surface of Cluster Spacecraft Andriopoulou, M et al.
10:2117 IMPEx/FMI-HWA Planetary Simulations Database and Matlab Tools for Easy Access Laitinen, T et al.
10:2318 Magnetospheric Modes and Magnetic Reconnection. Hubert, B et al.
10:2519 Theoretical Model of CR Forbush-Decrease and Precursors Effects Dorman, L

10:30-11:30Poster Viewing, Coffee served at 11:00
11:30-11:50 Comparative Earth, Jupiter and Saturn's Radiation Belts Sicard-Piet, A et al. Invited Oral
11:50-12:05 Space Environment Effects inside a Comet Coma: ROSINA/DFMS Measurements onboard Rosetta De Keyser, J et al. Oral
12:05-12:25 Solar Variability Effects on the Martian Atmosphere González-Galindo, F et al. Invited oral
12:25-12:40 SEP, GCR, and Energetic Ion Precipitation in the Martian Atmosphere and their Impact on Human Exploration Gronoff, G et al. Oral
12:40-13:00 Plasma-surface interactions at Mercury and their implications to space weather Milillo, A et al. Invited oral
13:00End of session