Session - Transitioning space weather research to operations: learning from the NWP experience

David Jackson, Suzy Bingham, Mauro Messerotti

Operational numerical weather prediction (NWP) systems have a long heritage, and the process of applying research in observations, modelling, data assimilation and verification to continually improve these operational systems is well understood. By contrast, although there is also a long heritage of space weather research, operational space weather prediction is in its infancy. There is considerable scope to identify and integrate best practices from operational NWP systems into operational space weather systems. We welcome contributions covering all aspects of this topic, including for example: - real time acquisition of observations and adaptation of research-focused instruments to operational use - robustness, reliability and testing of space weather prediction models - data assimilation methods for space weather prediction - skill scores and near real time verification - system resilience (eg backup data streams, 24/7 operations) - the role of the WMO and other meteorological bodies in developing operational space weather systems.

Talks and First Class Posters
Thursday November 20, 09:00-13:00, room Mosane

Poster Viewing
Thursday November 20, 11:00-11:30, area in front of room Mosane

Talks and Highlighted Posters: time schedule

9:00 The ESA Virtual Space Weather Modelling Centre - Phase 1 Poedts, S et al.
9:15Accelerating Implementation of Advanced Space Weather Models and Forecasting Systems in Operations. Kuznetsova, M et al.
9:30 Toward Integrated Real-Time Modeling System for Heliospheric Space Weather Odstrcil, D et al.
9:45 FMI's Operative Space Weather Service in LUOVA 24/7 Natural Hazards Warning System Laitinen, T et al.
10:00 Real-Time Global Magnetospheric Simulation Predicts Space Weather Effects on GOCE Decay Laitinen, T et al.
10:15 The Nowcast Model for Low Energy (< 200 keV) Electrons in the Inner Magnetosphere Ganushkina, N et al.
10:30 Highlighted poster 3e - Provision of Web Based Space Weather Services Burnett, C et al.
10:32 Highlighted poster 4e - Improving Operational Geomagnetic Index Forecasting Billingham, L et al.
10:34 Highlighted poster 5e - Ionospheric Storm Index over South African Region: Initial Attempt Tshisaphungo, M et al.
10:36 Highlighted poster 1 - Real-time Space Environment at MSU's Space Monitoring Data Center Kalegaev, V et al.
10:38 Highlighted poster 2 - Real-time Ensemble Forecasting of Coronal Mass Ejections using the WSA-ENLIL+Cone Model Pulkkinen, A et al.
10:40Poster Viewing
11:00Poster Viewing + Coffee
11:30 Transitioning Space Weather Models to Operations at the UK Met Office Bingham, S et al.
11:45 Space Weather Services Based on the Energetic Particle Telescope (EPT) Data Benck, S et al.
12:00 Real-time Acquisition of Plasmaspheric Electron Densities for Space Weather Predictions Lichtenberger, J et al.
12:15 Detection of Space Weather Events in Magnetic Data Coïsson, P et al.
12:30 An operational real-time mid-latitude local disturbance index for space weather purposes Guerrero, A et al.
12:45 A Space Weather Index for the Radiation Field at Aviation Altitudes Meier, M et al.
13:00End of session