Fourteenth European Space Weather Week
Nov 27 - Dec 1, 2017, Ostend, Belgium

Session 15 - Ground-based Operational and Infrastructure Impacts of Space Weather

Ellen Clarke (BGS), Gemma Richardson (BGS)
Friday 01/12, 9:45 - 13:00

KEYWORDS - Ground-effects, Geomagnetically Induced Currents (GIC), electrical power networks, pipelines, railway signalling, geophysical prospecting, measurement-while- drilling (MWD)

The effects of Space Weather on the ground, such as unwanted geomagnetically induced currents in power systems and railway signalling systems, pipe-to-soil potentials in pipelines, increased error in, or cancellations of, aeromagnetic surveys and reduced drilling accuracy of measurement while drilling tools are all reasonably well known and documented. This does not mean to say, however, that the measurement, modelling, prediction and mitigation of these ground effects have been successfully resolved to the satisfaction of all industries affected. This session seeks contributions from engineers and researchers alike that focus on any aspect of space weather ground effects, including monitoring, modelling, prediction and mitigation. Presentations that advance our understanding of the impacts on operations and infrastructures and those where key, unresolved problems are identified will be especially welcome.

Accepted Contributions

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Planning new improvements for modelling and measuring geomagnetically induced currents in SpainTorta, J
Modelling and Mitigation of Geomagnetically Induced Currents in New Zealand: Working down to the Transformer-LevelRodger, C
GIC modelling in Austria: comparison to long-term measurements in multiple stationsBailey, R
Recent advances and validation of GIC modelling in the UKRichardson, G
Modelling electric fields in Ireland and UK for space weather applicationsCampanya, J
Simulations of GICs in the Fully Resolved Irish Power Network over 25 YearsBlake, S
An assessment of the spatial scales of second-minute scale dB/dt magnetic disturbances driving GICs: What spatial density of ground magnetometer stations is needed for GIC monitoring?Dimitrakoudis, S
Strengths and weaknesses of monitoring useful realtime mid-latitude geomagnetic disturbances: Local Disturbance index and Local Current indexGuerrero, A
Long term Geomagnetically Induced Current Observations in New Zealand: Earth return Corrections and Geomagnetic Field DriverClilverd, M
Association between space weather conditions and emergency ambulance calls for elevated arterial blood pressureVencloviene, J
Characterizing the geomagnetic field variability for the study of magnetic storm impact on electric power linesBelakhovsky, V