Fourteenth European Space Weather Week
Nov 27 - Dec 1, 2017, Ostend, Belgium

Session 4 - The role of Interplanetary Coronal Mass Ejections in Space Weather

Luciano Rodriguez (ROB); Sergio Dasso (IAFE/UBA)
Tuesday 28/11, 9:45 - 13:00

KEYWORDS - ICME, Interplanetary Coronal Mass Ejections, space weather, in situ data

Interplanetary Coronal Mass Ejections (ICMEs) are the main drivers of large geomagnetic storms. Their influence on space weather is a topic of intense research. In recent years, multispacecraft observations and high performance numerical MHD simulations have contributed largely to this field. The comparisons between models and observations are clarifying several problems, such as the effects of the ambient solar wind on their propagation and internal configuration, the link between ICMEs and non-thermal energetic particles in the heliosphere (solar, interplanetary, and galactic origin), etc. In this session we invite contributions focused on ICME studies, including ICME propagation in the heliosphere, the interaction of ICMEs with Earth and/or with other planets, the link between CMEs and ICMEs, their relation with energetic particles, as well as on other general topics linked with ICMEs.

Accepted Contributions

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Quantification of disturbance periods of solar wind speed in interplanetary space due to coronal mass ejections Temmer, M
Probabilistic model for heliospheric propagation of Interplanetary Coronal Mass Ejections: Drag-based ensemble model (DBEM)Dumbovic, M
Observations and Simulations of the Sun to Earth Evolution of a STEREO-Era Set of Earth-Impacting CMEs and their In Situ Magnetic FieldKay, C
Forecasting the arrival time of the CME’s shock at the EarthPaouris, E
LOFAR Observations of the Full Passage of a CMEFallows, R
Plasma diagnostics of CMEs via coronal dimming regionsVeronig, A
Inferring ICME Magnetic Fields at 1 AU and Elsewhere: the H-CME Method Georgoulis, M
The properties of CMEs embedded in extreme solar windCid, C


Magnetic clouds and their driven shocks/sheaths near Earth: geoeffective properties studied with a superposed epoch techniqueDasso, S
Multipoint, galactic cosmic ray observations associated with a series of interplanetary coronal mass ejections: the case study of June 2015Papaioannou, A


First-principles simulations of magnetic reconnection within the solar environmentBoella, E
Galactic cosmic rays and Forbush decreases at Mars: comparison of measurement by MAVEN in orbit and by MSL on groundGuo, J
Analysis of the magnetic field fluctuations during a substormKozak, L