Topical Discussion Meeting - Atmospheric Effects topical group meeting

Sean Bruinsma (CNES)
Thursday 30/11, 15:00 - 16:15, Mercator

The high-level objective of the Atmospheric effects TG is modeling the neutral atmosphere and understanding its (sources of) variability, and its relation to satellite drag. This splinter meeting is intended for everybody involved in the study of one/several of the key questions listed below, this meeting specifically focusing on quantifying the satellite drag effects they induce:
1 - What are the scales (time and space) of the density and wind variability due to EUV radiation, geomagnetic disturbances, and forcing due to disturbances propagating from lower altitudes?
2 - Which indices should be used to represent solar EUV/UV and geomagnetic activity?
3 - What is the accuracy of upper atmosphere density and wind models (empirical or first-principles models), what are the shortages in terms of science?
4 - What is the accuracy of solar and geomagnetic activity forecasts?
5 - Which density data sets are pertinent to use in this study, i.e., for analysis and to improve models, and which information is missing (i.e., is there a key question we cannot address presently)?