Topical Discussion Meeting - Applications of neutron monitors to space-weather and NMDB working meeting

Danislav Sapundjiev (Royal Meteorological Institute); Christian T. Steigies (University of Kiel); Rolf B├╝tikofer (University of Bern); Karl-Ludwig Klein (Paris Observatory)
Tuesday 28/11, 15:00 - 16:15, Delvaux

The Real-time database for high-resolution neutron monitor measurements (NMDB) pursues the idea that was behind the establishment of the worldwide network of neutron monitors in the 1950s: all neutron monitors operated in Europe and some neighboring countries pool their data to make them available to scientists and other users. Ten years after creation the data from the NMDB is already utilized in several space-weather forecasting and alert platforms. It is also undergoing expansion and improvements in data access, storage and quality. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss the applications of the NMDB to space-weather forecasting and monitoring services, to improve the data access and quality and to investigate additional applications of the database.

Some of the suggested discussion topics are: mutual observations of cosmic rays by NM network and spacecraft SEP detectors; neutron monitors measurements and atmospheric dynamics; space-weather forecast services based on NMDB - status and development; publications; data quality: processing, format and storage for real-time space weather applications; status of NMDB web page - progress update from the individual participants.

Minutes of the TDM
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