Topical Discussion Meeting - How to assess space environment models’ capability in satellite impact analysis

Yihua Zheng (NASA/GSFC); Natalia Ganjushkina; Piers Jiggens; Yuri Shprits; Dave Pitchford
Tuesday 28/11, 15:00 - 16:15, Ridderzaal

Experts in the field of space environment specifications and the effects of those environments on spacecraft require to focus on parameters which are useful in spacecraft (and aircraft) design and operations. It is the intention of this discussion to leverage that knowledge in order to derive output parameters and metrics for assessing the performance of space environment models applied in the space weather context. The outputs of such discussions can direct space weather model developers to modify models to provide outputs with associated performance metrics which can be understood by the effects communities.

Built upon what has been achieved by the focus working team effort titled ‘Radiation and Plasma effects’ from the initiative “International Forum for Space Weather Modeling Capabilities Assessment” ( recently launched by the CCMC, this topical discussion meeting aims to further discussions on defining target output quantities (which could potentially serve as international standards) that are particularly useful from end-users perspective as well as quantities (related more to science) which can be used to quantify and track progress of the relevant space environment models over time. Furthermore, discussion shall cover the most appropriate metrics for assessing model capabilities at predicting target parameters.

Satellite impacts for this topical meeting focus on surface charging, internal charging, single event effects and total ionizing dose resulting from different plasma populations of different origins. We welcome participation from space environment experts, model and application developers, data providers, forecasters, and particularly the end users of satellite impacts in this meeting and in the long term initiative of the “International Forum for Space Weather Modeling Capabilities Assessment” in general. This topic discussion meeting will be complementary to Sessions 5 (Aviation Meets Space Weather - Roadmap Towards Space Weather Services for Aviation) and 8 (Space Systems Engineering: Space Climate Modelling and the Effects of Severe Space Weather Events).