Business meetings

The European Space Weather Week is also the place to organize private Business Meetings.

The LOC KU Leuven will take care of the practicalities, e.g. the rental of a room in a facility on or nearby the conference site, on the date and time of your preference, technical support, coffee breaks, lunch, etc, so that you only have to worry about the content of the meeting and who to invite.

On request, the ESWW organisation can publish your Business Meeting, day, timeslot and a point of contact online, such that ESWW15 participants are aware and can contact you in case of interest. It is of course up to you to decide who to invite.

Note that participants of your Business Meeting don't have by default access to ESWW2018. If they want to participate in ESWW2018, registration can be done through the normal procedure for one day or the full week.

To request a Business Meeting, contact LOC KU Leuven.
LOC KU Leuven will arrange all practicalities and financial issues through private communication.

Please submit your request before October 24, 2018.