Topical Discussion Meeting - Flare forecasting: where are we and where should we be going?

Sophie A. Murray (Trinity College Dublin); M. Leila Mays (NASA CCMC); KD Leka (NWRA); Manolis K. Georgoulis (Academy of Athens); D. Shaun Bloomfield (Northumbria University);
Tuesday 6/11, 17:15-18:30
MTC 00.10, Large lecture room

This meeting will focus on discussion of the ongoing work and future plans of the solar flare forecasting community. Updates on the NASA/CCMC Flare Scoreboards, International Solar Flare Prediction Working Team, and the PSTEP/ISEE operational forecast comparison workshop will be presented. Discussion about the best direction forward for forecasting efforts will follow, including what novel research needs to be undertaken to improve the current state-of-the-art.