The title of ‘Corresponding Astronomer’ goes to ….

And the title of ‘Corresponding Astronomer of the Royal Observatory of Belgium’ goes to …. Prof Jean Lilensten.

Jean Lilensten, research director of CNRS at the University of Grenoble, is a welcome guest at the Observatory and the Solar-Terrestrial Centre of Excellence. 

In 2003, he stood at the cradle of the European Space Weather Week, an annual science conference which has been organized by the STCE for the last 10 years. Anno 2016, the ESWW has become the hallmark of international space weather conferences in Europe. Jean has the talent to connect fields in science: from planetology, over physics of the higher atmosphere and plasmasphere, solar physics, study of the ionosphere, to space weather. If there is a link, Jean sees it and exploits it. 

Jean is the co-founder of the Journal of Space Weather and Space Climate, an international multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary peer-reviewed journal. 

Jean builds firm bridges between science and society, an important way to valorise science. He modernised an early 20th century aurora experiment. As the 21st century Planeterrella godfather, he brought the fascinating world of space and plasma science into the life of students and many other people. He sees the popularisation of science as a ‘must’, and he adds that extra on top of it. He brings the beauty of science not only into class rooms but also into living rooms.  For this simple reason: in his view, science is art. 


Through Jean, one can read, feel, see, and live science. Our collaboration with him is definitely an added value to ROB and even to the whole Space Pole. We hope that the future years will be as fruitful as the past ones!




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