The Sun is spotless again!

After two months of increased solar activity, the Sun has turned spotless again on 8 October.

A new LYRA product

The PROBA2 team is happy to announce the release of a new data product: the O+N2 Earth atmosphere number densities derived from PROBA2/LYRA occultation data.

Facing the Sun

An artist's impression of ESA's Solar Orbiter in front of a stormy Sun. The spacecraft is currently being prepared for its 2019 launch from Cape Canaveral, USA.

Recurrent Coronal Hole

Earth is currently (28 September) under the influence of a high speed stream from a coronal hole. A strong geomagnetic storm is in progress. Polar lights will not be visible from Belgium.

NOAA 2673's hidden secrets revealed

Some additional and impressive images of the two strongest flares that NOAA 2673 produced.

The Sun is throwing a party!

The Sun is pushing its activity to still higher levels. On Sept 6, we could witness a very strong light flash on the Sun. Here on Earth, our radio, GNSS and PROBA2 team went wild because of the impact in their data!

Weather in space is picking up

The number of clouds hurling through space increased dramatically these last days. There is even one cloud heading into the direction of Earth. Fasten your seat belt.

The ultimate eclipse maker PROBA-3

In the near future, this duo-satellite will create solar eclipses just like the one we had on August 21 2017, but for more then 7 hours each day!

PROBA2 eclipse observations - first images online

PROBA2 did it: it saw the solar eclipse from its 750 km-high seat in space. PROBA2 captured this EUV-image with the moon partly covering the sun.

Night of the (shooting) Stars 2017 ***CANCELLED***

On 9 August from 21:30 to 24:00, the Royal Observatory opens its premises to the broad public to observe the night sky. Amateur astronomers will bring their telescopes to allow the participants a view on the stars.



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