NEW SESSION FORMAT - Oral presentations followed by a first-class poster programme

The ESWW11 will centre on 14 open sessions. Each session is split into two parts: a sequence of oral presentations for an audience sitting in the session room followed by the first-class poster programme in the poster area where people walk around and where the discussion and interaction between people is emphasized. Together, the oral and poster part complement each other.

First-class poster programme

We wish to promote a first-class poster programme within ESWW11 - one that complements the oral part of a session and in which the author of a poster can give a micro oral presentation for his/her visitors and comes to a direct dialogue. Reports of space weather projects - these often have a number of key points to make and a poster is usually better for that since the reader can take their time to absorb multiple points (and can come back and re-read). Another example is where the topic would benefit from an interactive computer session as part of the presentation (e.g. new tools for space weather analyses); we are investigating how to support this, including options for live internet access - however, this can't be confirmed at the moment. But please do not limit your thinking to these examples.

The author of a poster can choose between the classical printed version, p-poster, or a digital display on a screen, e-poster. An e-poster can simply be the digital display of a poster or a 1-5 slides presentation (including movies). The advantage of an e-poster is that you don't have to bring a hardcopy anymore.
The LOC will try to accommodate all e-posters but the hardware supporting e-posters is limited though. The authors that request an e-poster will be informed if it is allocated to them or not. Instructions on the digital format will follow.

Availability of your contribution

Your poster will be in principal on display on the e- and p-poster boards during the whole day of your session.
All oral and poster contributions will be made available through the ESWW11-website. The upload tool will be at your disposal well before the start of the ESWW11.