Schematic overview of a session

Each session is split into two parts: a sequence of oral presentations for an audience sitting in the session room and a first-class poster programme in the poster area where people walk around and where the discussion and interaction between people is emphasized. Together, the oral and poster part complement each other.

Some posters are highlighted during the oral part. These highlighted posters are also presented during the poster viewing. Especially the authors of highlighted posters should read the section 'UPLOAD'.

e-posters are indicated with nr-e in the session overview.
If the poster has only a number and no e, this is a classical printed poster or p-poster.


Contributions appearing in the oral time schedule
If you have an oral or highlighted poster appearing in the oral time schedule, please upload what you will present before 12:00 of the workday before the session in which you speak. This means for session 1,2,3 before Friday November 14, 12:00; for the other sessions, 12:00 the day before.
This is most important for the highlighted/first class posters which have only a few presenting minutes, since there is no time on the moment to upload your presentation from an USB-stick or connect your own computer.

Please, upload your e-poster before 12:00 of the workday before the session in which you are presenting. This means for session 1,2,3 before Friday November 14, 12 AM; for the other sessions, it is 12:00 the day before.

You can upload - if you want, without any deadline - a digital version of your p-poster.


There are problems while using Internet Explorer 8, use preferentially another browser (google chrome, safari, firefox, ...) or a recent version of internet explorer.

Poster Boards and Screens

The boards for the classical printed posters, p-posters, are 75cm wide and 2m high. There are no on-site printing facilities.

The digital posters, e-posters, will be on display on a 42 inches monitor with a native resolution of 1920 x 1080. Native means that this resolution is the best to work with. Your digital poster can be a 1-5 slides presentation including movies, but needs to be windows-playable, e.g. ppt, pptx, open office, pdf, etc. Please make sure your presentation loops automatically without manual manipulation. "Interaction" with your poster, i.e. the author forwarding from 1 slide to the next one, is not foreseen.

Availability of oral and poster contributions

Posters, e- and p-posters, will be on display on site during the day of the session, except for the Wednesday e-posters screens which will be removed during lunch. The screens are needed for the fair.
The LOC will put the e-poster on the digital 42 inch screen before the session starts. Please read the upload-instructions.
The authors of a p-poster can hang their poster in the morning of their session and have to remove it at the latest after the last session/splinter of that day. Tools to attach the paper poster to a board will be foreseen by the organisation.

All oral and poster contributions will be made available through the ESWW11-website once uploaded by the author.