Seminar - High energy electron flux in the radiation belts

The next Solar Physics seminar will be given by Antonio Niemela.

Title High energy electron flux analysis in the radiation belts with in-situ measurements

Abstract, in the words of Antonio

"Due to my background in meteorology, the main motivation was the position of the GOES mission in space, as they are one of the most important satellites that provide meteorological information to South, Central and North America. The environment where these spacecrafts live is highly variable, and radiation might be one of the main hazards for aerospace and satellites, so measuring and monitoring the state of the surroundings is very important for safeguarding the very expensive equipment aboard them.

For my Master Thesis I analyzed data from the Van Allen Probes to get an understanding of the behaviour of the high energy electron fluxes from the radiation belts. The end goal for my thesis was to generate a product that would be useful for the weekly monitoring of the space weather conditions, done by LAMP (Laboratorio Argentino de Meteorología del esPacio), a research group directed by Dr. Sergio Dasso, and one of the pioneers in operative space weather in the region."



Wednesday, May 5, 2021 - 14:30 to 15:30

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