Solar-Terrestrial Centre of Excellence

Physics of Complexity and ROMA (rank-ordered multifractal analyses) of Strong Turbulence in Solar-Terrestrial Plasmas and the Cosmic Web

Tom Chang (MIT, USA)

Friday May 20, 14u - ROB Meridian Room

Dynamic Complexity is a phenomenon exhibited by a nonlinearly interacting system within which multitudes of different sizes of large scale coherent structures emerge, resulting in a globally nonlinear stochastic behavior vastly different from that could be surmised from the underlying equations of interaction. The hallmark of such nonlinear, complex phenomena is the appearance of intermittent fluctuating events with the mixing and distributions of correlated structures at all scales. We discuss here a recently developed method, ROMA (rank-ordered multifractal analysis), explicitly constructed to analyze the intricate details of the distribution and scaling of such types of intermittent structures. This method is then applied to the analyses of selected examples related to the intermittent fluctuations of turbulent plasmas in the solar-terrestrial environments and structures of the cosmic gas obtained through large scale, moving mesh simulations. Differences and similarities of the analyzed results among these complex systems will be contrasted and highlighted.

This lecture is part of the STCE workshop Physical processes in solar-terrestrial plasmas, held on May 20, 22 and 23, 2014.

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