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Date & TimeLocationSpeakerAffiliationTitleRemarksAbstract
2017-03-28 at 13:30:00 KMI-IRM-RMI David Koronczay Eotvos University AWDANet: Ground-based remote sensing of the plasmasphere with VLF waves David Koronczay (Eotvos University, Budapest, Hungary), D. Koronczay, F. Darrouzet, M. Clilverd, C. Rodgers, A. M. Jorgensen, L. Juhasz, Cs. Ferencz, J. Lichtenberger Contact: Fabien Darrouzet Display the abstract
2017-04-10 at 14:00:00 Meridian room M. K. Georgoulis & S. Patsourakos Magnetic Field Magnitude of Coronal Mass Ejections in the Solar and Stellar Habitable Zones: Recent Results M. K. Georgoulis, RCAAM of the Academy of Athens, 11527 Athens, Greece S. Patsourakos, Department of Physics, University of Ioannina, 45110 Ioannina, Greece Contact: ‘hanassis Katsiyannis Display the abstract
2017-04-13 at 15:00:00 Meridian room Prof. Xinlin Li University of Colorado Two Generations of CubeSat in University of Colorado to Address Heliospheric Physics Prof. Xinlin Li, LASP, University of Colorado. Contact: Joseph Lemaire Display the abstract

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