Fifth Solar Orbiter Workshop
September 10 - 14, 2012 - Brugge, Belgium


Session 1 Solar magnetism and the solar cycle
Chair: Daniel Müller - Tim Horbury
  • A. Brandenburg - The solar dynamo
  • M. Roth - Review on Helioseismology and Helioseismology with Solar Orbiter
  • J.-M. Borrero - Recent observations of solar magnetic fields with Hinode, SDO and Sunrise
  • K. Schrijver - Reaction of the outer solar atmosphere to the solar cycle
  • M. Owens - The solar cycle as seen in the heliospheric magnetic field
ScheduleMonday September 10
Session 2Processes of slow/steady energy release in the solar atmosphere and heliosphere
Chair: Milan Maksimovic - Marco Velli
  • H. Warren - Heating of the solar corona: observational perspective
  • B. Gudiksen - Heating of the solar corona: modeling perspective
  • M. Velli - Acceleration of fast and slow solar wind
  • S. Lepri - Solar wind observations in the heliosphere
  • L. Matteini - Kinetic processes in the solar wind
SchedulePart I - Monday, September 10, 16:00-18:00
Part II - Tuesday, September 11, 09:00-12:40
Session 3Eruptive processes in the solar atmosphere and their manifestations in the heliosphere
Chair Part I: Sam Krucker
Chair Part II: Chris St. Cyr - Richard Marsden
Chair Part III: Holly Gilbert
  • E. Kontar - Physics of solar flares
  • A. Asai - CME eruption and accompanying phenomena observed in the low corona
  • A. Bemporad - Observations of coronal mass ejections in the outer corona
  • I. Roussev - Models of coronal mass ejections
  • C. Cohen - Energetic particle acceleration on the Sun and in the heliosphere
SchedulePart I - Tuesday, September 11, 14:00-17:00
Part II - Wednesday, September 12, 09:00-12:10
Part III - Thursday, September 13, 09:00-10:00
Session 4Data assimilation, visualization and analysis
Chair: Andrzej Fludra - Andrei Zhukov
  • A. Rouillard - Connecting solar and heliospheric observations
  • J. Linker - Modeling the Corona and Solar Wind using Synchronic Maps
  • M. Georgoulis - Forecasting of solar flares for Solar Orbiter observations
  • V. Delouille - Exploring heterogeneous solar data
ScheduleThursday, September 13, 10:00-16:30
Final sessionWorkshop summary
by E. Parker