Impressive eruption

No C-class or stronger flares, and several spotless days: Last week will not be remembered for its high solar activity. Fortunately, some spotless active regions were rounding the east solar limb

from 24 till 26 June, showing several and very dynamic coronal loops, some jets, filament eruptions, and more. The complex coronal structures can be appreciated in this extreme ultraviolet image made by SDO/AIA 171.

Early on 25 June, between 02:00 and 03:00UT, an eruption took place in this area but on the Sun's backside. A blob of hot material was launched into space, with some of it falling back to the solar surface. The image underneath shows the impressive, albeit shortlived, eruption during its rising phase as seen in SDO/AIA 304.

The related coronal mass ejection (CME) was observed by both the SOHO as the STEREO-A spacecraft. Because STEREO-A is still at the Sun's backside, the CME is seen at the other ("west") limb than by SOHO ("east"). The CME was not directed to Earth. The bright spot to the left of the Sun is the planet Venus, which is currently located at the opposite side of the Sun as seen from Earth.

A movie of the spotless active regions rounding the solar limb, as well as a clip of the backside eruption can be found here.



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