What is the STCE?

The Belgian government has approved and funded the creation of a Solar-Terrestrial Centre of Excellence (STCE) in which the existing activities and expertise of 3 Belgian federal institutes is re-grouped in a tight network. The existing expertise concerning physics all the way from the sun to earth and valuable collaboration and strengthening of scientific research, makes the difference on international level.
The Solar-Terrestrial Centre of Excellence is a scientific project which aims at the creation of an international expert centre and the valorization of Solar and Solar-Terrestrial research and services. The STCE clusters the know-how of 3 Belgian Federal institutes:


  • An integration of the existing Belgian research groups in one overarching structure: the STCE, not a new institute.
  • Stabilization and consolidation of the existing knowhow scattered over different existing institutes
  • Explicit support for visiting fellows & communication
  • Long term funding.

The solid base of the STCE is our existing experience in fundamental solar and earth atmospheric physics research, our involvement in earth-based and space missions and a fully operational eligible space weather application centre. Our scientists act at different levels within the frame of internal, national and international collaborations of scientific and commercial oriented partners. We benefit also strongly from the platform of interaction offered through the ESA (SWWT, SWENET), EU (COST, FP7) and others (ISES, ...).

Our skills are based on know-how, man power, infrastructure and a reliable network in the field of 'Sun-Space-Earth'.

Promotional clips

A promotional movie giving a flavor of the STCE’s tasks, interactions and various research programs is available on YouTube in English, and subtitled in French and Dutch.


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