Humain Radio Telescopes
High-speed solar wind causes major geomagnetic storm (NL-FR-EN)

NL: Hogesnelheidszonnewind oorzaak van een krachtige geomagnetische storm

Catch by surprise - Stealth solar cloud

On Oct 12, a plasma structure coming from the Sun struck the Earth. It was detected 2 days before in the solar atmosphere and suspected to be almost harmless. But it formed an alliance with other solar structures.


Sunspot gets a facelift

NOAA 2599 transited the solar disk from 3 till 15 October. It reached its largest size around 5 October, when its area was equivalent to nearly 3 times the total surface area of the Earth.

ASGARD: balloons for science

For several years now, the Planetarium (Heysel) and the Space Pole (Uccle) host the ASGARD project from ESERO Belgium and St-Pieterscollege Jette.


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