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NOAA 2673's hidden secrets revealed

Some additional and impressive images of the two strongest flares that NOAA 2673 produced.

Earth under attack

September 10, 16:06 UT, another extreme light flash was seen on the solar disk. At the same time, a plasma cloud with an extreme fast speed was ejected. On top of this, a proton storm bombarded Earth. The impact of the proton storm could be measured at the surface of the Earth!

The Sun is throwing a party!

The Sun is pushing its activity to still higher levels. On Sept 6, we could witness a very strong light flash on the Sun. Here on Earth, our radio, GNSS and PROBA2 team went wild because of the impact in their data!

Weather in space is picking up

The number of clouds hurling through space increased dramatically these last days. There is even one cloud heading into the direction of Earth. Fasten your seat belt.


Fundamental Research

The STCE does Fundamental Research.

Public Outreach

Open DoorsThe STCE does public outreach during the STCE Annual Meeting and the Open Doors of the Space Pole in Uccle.

One of the highlights of the Open Doors is always a visit to the Solar Dome. A small introductory presentation is first given in the corridor of the SIDC. Skilled observers and space weather forecasters explain in laymen terminology what sunspots are, how they are observed, why these observations are so important, and how solar eruptions affect us and our technology. Then, the small groups of 10-15 people are guided stairs towards the top of the solar dome. There, the various solar telescopes are shown and their specific applications are discussed. Weather permitting, the visitors can also make solar observations using a projected solar image from the white light solar telescope. During and after the visit, there is plenty of opportunity to ask questions to the guides.


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