Solar Orbiter has been launched

The launch of Solar Orbiter from Cape Canaveral in Florida was successful!

Reaction from David: 'Solar Orbiter, with EUI on board, was launched this morning, 100% successful. The spacecraft was separated from the rocket, on an escape trajectory from the Earth, with solar panels deployed and communicating with the ground. We have a mission!'

Reaction from Emil at the launch site: 'That was an awesome show from Banana Creek. Very smooth launch (all on time, super weather nice clear skies with a full moon as bonus). I don't think anything can beat just looking at it and hearing it with your own eyes and ears directly. And I'm a bit too excited to go to sleep now.'

Check out this cool video that Emil made:

The second light ball in the sky is the moon.

The next milestone is when the telescope EUI onboard of the spacecraft opens its door and starts observing our star, the Sun. Fingers crossed.


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