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The SIDC team is pleased to announce a new release for STAFF, a solar timeline viewer.

PROBA2: Eighth Call for Guest Investigators

The PROBA2 team welcomes research proposals for the eighth round of its Guest Investigator program for research based on SWAP and LYRA data analysis by scientists outside the SWAP and LYRA PI-teams.

A Design 4 a Ticket

Since 2006, each European Space Weather Week had a theme picture. For ESWW14, you will have the opportunity to design it.  It's worth the effort!

Breaking news

About the 14th European Space Weather Week.

Where will it be held? What if I miss the deadline of May 31? Can I still submit a Topical Discussion Meeting? Since this is not a quiz you can click directly to the answers.

Space Weather Medals

Who will win the 2017 International Space Weather Medals? Nominate your candidates. 


The annual CHARM meeting took place at the ROB on 10 March.

14th European Space Weather Week

The ESWW14 committee released a list of potential session topics. Also, the ESWW14 will be co-located with the 9th European CubeSat Symposium.

Topical Issue for the SWSC Journal

The SWSC has opened the topical issue "Space weather effects on GNSS and their mitigation".

Nelson, 12y asks 'How does the house of the ISS look like?'

How does the floor plan of the International Space Station looks like? Where is the bathroom, toilet, bedroom, gym, …? Are they connected with corridors? Is there a first floor, second floor, third floor?

ESWW14 - call for sessions

Also for the 14th edition of the European Space Weather Week, the input of the broad space weather community is rated as 'highly valuable and recommended'.



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