BIRA seminar: Recent advances and perspectives of the SWIFF plasmasphere model

Speaker: Edith Botek, BIRA Solar Wind Group

Title: Recent advances and perspectives of the SWIFF plasmasphere model

The Space Weather Integrated Forecasting Framework (SWIFF) plasmasphere model (SPM) is a 3D kinetic dynamic model of the cold plasma trapped in the magnetic field of the inner magnetosphere. The simulations provide the electrons and ions densities as well as the temperature and the position of the plasmapause (external limit of the plasmasphere). The model was developed at BIRA [Pierrard and Stegen, 2008] and later coupled to the ionosphere IRI model [Pierrard & Voiculescu, 2011]. The SPM employs the interchange instability mechanism to determine the plasmapause position and semiempirical equations to calculate the plasma density inside the plasmasphere and beyond. As a result of participation to several ESA and European Union projects the SPM is being further developed, coupled to other models and its outputs are made available to public domain. It runs automatically every day at the ESA Space Weather Service Network ( since 2017 and it has been recently integrated into the Virtual Space Weather Modeling Center. The objectives of this presentation are: 1) introducing the SPM and the implications of a suitable simulation of the inner magnetosphere, 2) describing the recent advances made in the model and 3) discussing its contributions/perspectives in different ESA and European projects. 

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Friday, December 10, 2021 - 14:00 to 15:00

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