E-SWAN Sustainability webinar: Going beyond the “old normal” for a sustainable future in science

Going beyond the “old normal” for a sustainable future in science

Webinar by Vanessa Moss (CSIRO Space & Astronomy, Australia)
Thursday, 12th October 2023, 13:00 CEST

Click here for the zoom link. (Passcode: 804965)

Abstract Looking to the future can tell us a lot about the limitations of today. “The Future of Meetings” (TFOM) began as a symposium dedicated to exploring the future of interaction in 2020, framed around key themes of accessibility, inclusivity, sustainability and technology and with its roots in the astronomy community. Throughout our work in TFOM, it has been clear that the standard meeting practices taken for granted as a given in astronomy (and science) have long been inaccessible for many, creating a “normal” that is both exclusive and unsustainable. Conversely, the rapid advances in effective online means of communicating and collaborating open up a wealth of new possibilities for redefining what is required to succeed in astronomy, from the ground up. In this talk, I will outline the lessons learned from and core recommendations of TFOM, based on our ongoing work as an active community of practice. In the wake of pandemic disruption, we have a unique chance to rewrite the fabric of collaboration within our field and beyond, in order to design a better normal for today, tomorrow and the future. By doing so, we can set a leading example for science, academia and society as a whole, maximising inclusivity while minimising environmental harm at a critical turning point for our long-term survival as a species.

Dr Vanessa Moss is a radio astronomer based at CSIRO Space & Astronomy in Australia. In her position at CSIRO, she is Head of Science Operations for the ASKAP telescope in remote Western Australia, managing astronomical observations from specification to the arrival of the data at the Pawsey Supercomputing Centre. In her research, she has studied cosmic phenomena across the universe, from the hidden structure of the Milky Way halo to dense gas casting shadows against distant black holes, and is a core member of FLASH (First Large Absorption Survey in HI). Vanessa has extensive experience in big data analysis/visualisation, automation of complex systems and science communication across numerous contexts. She is a strong advocate for optimising all interactions by maximising accessibility, inclusivity and sustainability, and leads "The Future of Meetings" community of practice to explore and disseminate new ways of meeting and collaborating. 

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Thursday, October 12, 2023 - 13:00 to 15:00

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