STCE Seminar: Realistic Ionosphere (RION), data fusion project of GIRO and GNSS

The STCE welcomes Prof. Ivan Galkin, University of Massachusetts Lowell. He will give a seminar relevant for space weather services. After the seminar, there is time to discuss.


Realistic Ionosphere (RION): data fusion project of GIRO and GNSS


Realistic Ionosphere (RION) is a project of the United Nations' ISWI (International Space Weather Initiative) that involves 69 ionosonde observatories in 32 countries with established agreements to share real-time data for continuous monitoring of the ionosphere. The RION's ionosonde network "GIRO" (Global Ionosphere Radio Observatory) has been in coordinated operation since 2004. Its Lowell GIRO Data Center (LGDC) operates nine online central data repositories and several data sharing and dissemination services. In addition to the public data provision, LGDC operates assimilative real-time models of the ionosphere and trans-ionospheric signal propagation that constitute RION. The models include GAMBIT (Global Assimilative Modeling of Bottomside Ionosphere with Topside extension) that interfaces one the International GNSS Service centers in Olsztyn, Poland to build global maps of the effective ionospheric slab thickness. Current state of art and prospective way forward will be presented, including upcoming contributions to T-FORS project on TID evaluation and Deep Learning techniques for short-term forecasting the ionosphere.

When: January 16, 2PM

Where: In the paviljoen at the space pole and on zoom: 


Monday, January 16, 2023 - 14:00 to 15:30

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