STCE Seminar: Space Weather Tools in Support of Space Radiation Operation

Dr. Kathryn Whitman of the NASA JSC Space Radiation Analysis Group will visit the STCE. She will work together with Mark Dierckxsens and will give a seminar on her research.

title: Space Weather Tools in Support of Space Radiation Operation


The goal of NASA's Radiation Health Program is to achieve human exploration and development of space without exceeding acceptable risk from exposure to ionizing radiation. The Space Radiation Analysis Group (SRAG) at NASA Johnson Space Center carries out this mission by following the philosophy of ALARA – As Low as Reasonably Achievable. SRAG utilizes a variety of tools to maintain awareness of space weather and to monitor the space radiation environment, both internal and external to the vehicle. SRAG develops and manages a wide variety of detectors that are located on the exterior and throughout the interior of the International Space Station and worn by crew. During Artemis I, SRAG provided detectors distributed within Orion’s interior and participated in the MARE experiment, which outfitted female phantoms with thousands of thermoluminescence detectors (TLD) and other dosimeters to better constrain the total dose accrued inside the human during a mission to the Moon. Motivated by the Artemis Exploration Class missions, SRAG and collaborators are developing forecasting capabilities for solar energetic particle (SEP) events and their biological impacts to crew. Tools that have come out of this work include the Acute Radiation Risk Tool (ARRT) and the SEP Scoreboards. This presentation will give an overview of the tools used in SRAG ops and currently under development to support our next steps in human space exploration.

When: Friday April 28, 11 AM

Where: Nicolet room at BIRA-IASB and on Teams.



Friday, April 28, 2023 - 11:00 to 12:00

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