Visitors Program

The Visitors Program allows inviting external experts for short or long stays at one of the three institutes. Thus, we may benefit from the expertise they may inject into the programs, while at the same time the foreign experts get to know the STCE and its partners. Collaborations may result from such research visits. To augment the collaboration between the three institutes at the Space Pole, preference will be given to guest investigators working on topic that are of interest to at least 2 of the institutes.

By default, the work of the visitor should fit the activities of the STCE. The STCE offers financial support.

Long Term Goal

  • Integrate the STCE in the international scientific community and increase its visibility.
  • Establish scientific collaborations with other institutes. Raise international interest for the products and services offered by the STCE.
  • Establish transfer of knowledge and expertise from well-established foreign researchers.
  • Ensure international awareness of the availability of data from the various space missions that the three institutes are involved in to foster the collaborative scientific analysis of this data.


The request for approval must be submitted to the STCE coordinator through a member of the Executive Committee. Effort should be done to find a source of co-funding.
The document for refunding is the standard mission reimbursement form used by ROB. The STCE executive committee will take a decision on the allocation of the visitors grant.

 Download the standard mission reimbursement form here

Categories of visitors

1. Short visits (max 2 weeks)
Condition: to give an STCE seminar during the stay
Eligible for reimbursement: 

  • Travel costs
  • Per diem: max. 50EUR/day
  • Accommodation costs with a preference to stay in the ROB guest rooms

The STCE coordinator can take the decision alone.

2. Long visits (longer than 2 weeks)
Preference is given to people who collaborate with the 3 institutes in the frame of their visit.
Eligible for reimbursement: 

  • Travel costs
  • Per diem: max. 50EUR/day
  • Accommodation costs (look for not too expensive places to stay)

Efforts should be done to find a source of co-funding (e.g. paying for the travel)
Decision to be taken by the EC.

We have also a third option. STCE employees can propose to organise a 
3. Workshop, Course or Conference.
A full proposal must be made with the list of invitations, explanation of the purpose and context of the workshop, link to the STCE activities, workplan and an estimated budget. This proposal needs to be introduced well in advance. We expect maximum 30 external participants. Eligible for reimbursement: 

  • Per diem: max. 50EUR/day, reduced by 15 euro for each meal provided.
  • Accommodation
  • Travel costs in some cases

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