Three Topical Issues for the SWSC Journal

Benefiting from the highly successful ESWW13, the open-access Journal of Space Weather and Space Climate (SWSC) has opened three topical issues (TI), as listed underneath. Questions regarding these topical issues are to be addressed to the respective topical editors-in-chief. For questions concerning the submission process, please contact the Editorial Office. Manuscripts have be submitted in PDF format via the SWSC online submission tool before the respective deadlines.

These topical issue are completely open to all contributors, i.e. they are NOT limited to ESWW13 conference participants.

Topical Issue 1: Flares, coronal mass ejections and solar energetic particles and their space weather impacts

Topical Issue 2: Measurement, Specification and Forecasting of the Solar Energetic Particle Environment and GLEs

Topical Issue 3: Developing New Space Weather Tools: Transitioning fundamental science to operational prediction systems





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