Wednesday Nov 25, 16:30 - 18:00
NEW - Throughout the whole week : unmanned stands - NEW

This year's event will also include a space weather fair, where users and service providers will have the opportunity to interact in an informal working environment. The fair is an opportunity for academics - scientists - companies - non-academici - clients - service providers - ... to profile their activities and learn what there is to know in the field of Space Weather. The fair is followed by a science cafe: discussions juiced with beer.

This year, you can visit some -unmanned- stands throughout the whole week.

Stand Holders

BGS Space Weather Activities
The Geomagnetism Team of the British Geological Survey (BGS) has long experience of monitoring the Earth’s magnetic field, at its magnetic observatories, providing reliable, real-time high quality data products and services, geomagnetic activity forecasting, and related space weather research ... read more.

INTERMAGNET in Support of Space Weather Science and Services
Formed as a result of an IAGA resolution in 1991, INTERMAGNET is a real-time data exchange and publication network for geomagnetic observatories. Today, the network consists of 131 international monitoring stations that meet common standards in data quality and data dissemination ... read more.

Space Weather Activities at the Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy
Since the mid-eighties, the Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy (BIRA-IASB) has been active in Space Weather related projects covering basic science to applications ... read more.

FLARECAST: Re-shaping the state-of-art in solar-flare prediction
The Flare Likelihood and Region Eruption Forecasting (FLARECAST) project of the European Commission kicked-off in January 2015 as a 3-year PROTEC (Protection of our Assets in Space) Research and Innovation Action (RIA) ... read more.

The Discriminant Analysis Flare Forecasting System (DAFFS)
Under development for the US NOAA/Space Weather Prediction Center by NorthWest Research Associates (NWRA), DAFFS will use near-real-time data from NOAA, SDO/HMI, and the NSO/GONG network to issue both region- and full-disk forecasts of solar flares ... read more.

AFFECTS and HELCATS EU Space Weather Visualisation and Dissemination System
consists of a special mediaplayer and HDTV display with internet connection showing project background information and real-time space weather data gathered from the AFFECTS services ... read more.

MEDOC and CDPP connected services for space weather applications
The conjugated analysis of solar data with in-situ measurements is of primary importance for Space Weather applications. MEDOC (Multi-Experiment Data and Operations Centre, for remote-sensing solar observations) and CDPP (Centre de Données de Physique des Plasmas, for in-situ measurements) are both engaged ... read more.

The STAFF viewer: a powerful tool for space weather forecasters and researchers
The Solar Timelines viewer for AFFECTS (STAFF) is a dynamical online viewer that provides a whole range of timelines related to solar activity and space weather like ... read more.

PROBA2 is a small ESA satellite with a scientific mission to explore the active Sun and its effect on the near-Earth space environment. Now part of ESA's Space Situational Awareness program, PROBA2 provides high cadence observations of the Sun ... read more.

SSA Space Weather Coordination Center - SSCC
The SSCC located at the Space Pole in Belgium provides the first European Space Weather Helpdesk, with operators available to answer questions about the SSA space weather service network, its products or space weather conditions in general ... read more.

AVIDOS - Aviation Dosimetry
AVIDOS is an informational and educational online software for the assessment of cosmic radiation exposure at flight altitudes during quiet and extraordinary solar conditions. It estimates route doses for flights ... read more.

SMN - The Science Media Network GmbH
The new internet platform www.science-media.org offers to scientists new and free services for publishing digital scientific material such as videos, posters, presentations under the OpenAccess idea ... read more.

Solar Radio Observations by the Royal Observatory of Belgium
Solar radio emission is observed in a broad frequency range (from several hundred MHz down to a few kHz), which encompasses the processes in the whole solar atmosphere. The particular importance of the radio emission is its unique property ... read more

Space Weather Helioviewer is an extension of the JHelioviewer client application with space weather relevant capabilities within a streamlined user interface. SWHV will therefore enable space weather forecasters ... read more

Solar Demon: Near real-time dimming, flare and EUV wave detection
Solar Demon automatically detects and characterizes dimmings, solar flares, and EUV waves using SDO/AIA data. The software is running ... read more