serious fun Tutorial - Exploring Space

Our curiosity and drive to explore and expand our world has brought us farther than our parents ever could believe. Earth, my village doesn't match reality. Space, my village suits better.
Science, governmental and public organisations on all continents reinforced the interest in space exploration and focus on both robotic as manned space mission. Space weather is a critical factor. Effective, efficient and reliable space weather services and space weather proof designs of space probes, software and hardware make part of the solution towards successful space exploration. This is what this tutorial is about.

From 09:40, welcome coffee - Erehal

Ready to Launch

10:00-10:15 - Introduction on space exploration by Eamonn Daly
room Delvaux

Live from Oostende

10:15-11:20 - We will discover 5 hot areas of space exploration:
  • Rosetta - Philae Lander by Johan De Keyser
  • Space Weather Forecast for space missions - Jan Janssens
  • Planetary exploration - Veronique Dehant
  • ASGARD - Erik de Schrijver

Live from the Sofa

11:20-11:40 - People involved in space exploration will have a chat on their ideas on what the biggest needs and challenges are concerning space weather issues for space exploration.

With Etienne Tilmans, Johan De Keyser and Eamonn Daly.
Your host: Dave Pitchford, SES Astra

Live from Space

11:40 - 11:55: SOHO - 20j old guide to space and sun environment by Richard Harrison

Ready to land

5' wrap up