The SIDC team is pleased to announce a new release for STAFF (version 5.6)

Release date: 25/10/2017 - 27/10/2017

The Solar Timelines viewer for AFFECTS (STAFF) is a dynamical online viewer that provides a whole range of timelines related to solar activity and space weather like GOES X-ray flux, DSCOVRIMF and solar wind data, 10.7 cm flux, the new version of the international sunspot number (SILSO) and image based timelines. Most datasets are available in near real-time. 

This new version contains :

  • “clear selection” button
  • “reset” (back to default) option (in the “Advanced” menu)
  • Timelines are re-ordered within each category
  • NRTI improvements, including E-SWDS privileged access to NOAA data. * Copyright notice on image export
  • GOES X-Ray background flux 
  • SDO/AIA and SOHO/EIT image statistics
  • Improvements to the StaffBox (See the help section for more information on the StaffBox)
  • General improvements and bug fixes 

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