Three announcements from the Quo Vadis initiative


Dear colleagues,

We would like to draw your attention to the Quo Vadis European Space Weather initiative and make the following three announcements:


#1 Announcement regarding the vote for the name of the new Association


We are currently collecting suggestions for the name of the new association via QuoVadis Slack workspace. Please submit your suggestions on QuoVadis Slack or by email to by Friday 8 October. On 11th - 15th October a poll will be launched on QuoVadis Slack workspace to select the top five names.

On 20th - 22nd October a final vote will be organised via online form to select the final name for the future association. All QuoVadis Slack workspace participants and all those who requested to vote for the first QuoVadis vote (28-30 June 2021) will automatically be invited to vote. If you wish to vote and did not register to the first vote please make sure to register to the QuoVadis Slack Workspace on by 15 October. The results of the vote will be announced during SWWT session of ESWW on October 27th 2021.  


#2 Announcement of the Layout and Statutes of the new Association


We are opening a public discussion on the QuoVadis Slack workspace regarding the layout and the Statutes of the new Association as proposed by the Interim board of the Quo Vadis initiative. The draft version of the Statutes is available at our website ( You are invited to provide feedback on these draft statutes on the QuoVadis Slack workspace or by email to


#3 Announcement of the Topical discussion meeting at the ESWW2021


We invite you to the topical discussion meeting "Quo Vadis European Space Weather and Space Climate Community?" at ESWW 2021 scheduled for Friday, 29 October 2021 11:15-12:30 local time (i.e. 12:15-13:30 CEST). In the scope of this TDM the efforts of the Quo Vadis initiative will be shortly presented and open for discussion and suggestions.



This initiative is organised by the Interim Board, a group of volunteers from the space weather and space climate community in Europe under the name "Quo Vadis European Space Weather Community?" (short: "QuoVadis") with the role to coordinate the efforts so that the space weather and space climate European community can:

1) Organise itself
2) Elect people to represent them

Those unaware of this initiative are invited to study the links at the end of this announcement. The future organisation of the European Space Weather Community will be open to everyone whose professional activity is in some way related to the Space Weather and Space Climate, stakeholders and many others.

More information on the initiative is available on the website:

This discussion follows a white paper:

To register for the QuoVadis Slack workspace, please use the registration form available on our website under 'Discussion'.



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