Tracking SC25

The STCE released a new webpage called "SC25 Tracking" with the aim to monitor the evolution of a number of parameters important in the space weather (SWx) domain, and this for the entire duration of the current solar cycle 25 (SC25). Is the sunspot number behaving as predicted? How many M- or X-class flares have been produced? Is that number smaller or larger than the previous solar cycles? How is the daily CME rate evolving? What are the effects on the geomagnetic indices such as the Ap- or Dst-index? This STCE webpage provides a first glimpse in answering such questions and allows a comparison with foregoing solar cycles. For each parameter, there is a graph with a few words of introduction often highlighting the importance for SWx, followed by an explanation of the graph and the status for SC25. The top of the page has a table allowing easy navigation to the parameters of interest. The current update rhythm is once every 4 months, so the next update is scheduled for February 2022. Enjoy!



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