The STCE in 2020

The STCE Annual Report 2020 is now available at

It is a compilation of the activities done in 2020 within the frame of the Solar-Terrestrial Centre of Excellence (STCE). This report continues the style from the previous editions. Hence, as it is targeting a more general public, it presents only a selection of the 2020-activities in easy-to-digest summaries.

These bite-sized articles emphasize the intense collaboration between the institutes at the Space Pole, as well as with our external partners. Aside the usual topics such as the space weather highlights, public outreach, and listings with conference talks and science papers, it covers also contributions on e.g. Solar Orbiter and its Extreme Ultraviolet Imager, the Earth's radiation belts, Travelling Ionospheric Disturbances, the BRAMS transmitter, a space anemometer for the lower thermosphere,... amongst many other. The year "2020" will certainly be remembered as the COVID year, and so some funny signs were added reflecting our life with and during this crisis in a quite recognizable way.

We wish you an enjoyable reading experience!




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