Almost No sunspots in February

This is actually a movie made of SDO/HMI images from Feb 1 to 28. You hardly see anything moving, no spots sliding from left to right, no spots popping up, it looks like a still image. This is because the sun seems to be spotless for the whole month.
Indeed, the green curve in the graph below is almost a horizontal line near zero from January 31 to February 28. But there are still 2 bumps in February, on the 13th and the 21th. That is why the Provisional International Monthly Mean Sunspot Number for February 2019 is very low, but not zero: 0.8.

In the STCE Newsletter however, we show a graph with no bumps. This graph was made before the monthly SILSO report was published.


Conclusion: the monthly mean is not zero, but definitely very low.  You can check the numbers at the SILSO website.




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