Still in complete awe, we have to bring terrible news: Anne Vandersyppe, our Anne, died on July 31, 2019. Anne passed away peacefully after one year of sickness. 

Anne was a very warm person. She was the smiling face and anchor of many conferences, ESWW, CESRA, Solar Orbiter workshop. Anne brought meetings together - the one who met us as we arrived and waved us goodbye at the end, coping calmly with all the ups and downs that occurred in between, and always with a smile on her face. 

When we had a question - about forms, about an organisational issue, … when we had serious and silly things to tell, ... when we needed whatever we needed, we popped into the office of Anne. 

Anne had the gift to make people, colleagues, foreign guests feel at their ease and appreciated. When Anne was present, you knew that everything was going to go fine. 

We will miss her so much, but at the same time we are smiling because of all the pleasant memories and good things she gave us.



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