Seminar - EUHFORIA

Chirstine Verbeke joined the STCE in 2020. She is the one to implement the EUHFORIA software in our operational Space Weather Centre. EUHFORIA will help us to make even better estimates of the arrival time of a solar plasma cloud. 

During the seminar, she will reveal the secrets of EUHFORIA.

Introduction to EUHFORIA

EUHFORIA (“European Heliospheric Forevasting Information Asset”) is a recently developed space weather forecasting-targeted inner heliosphere model that consists of two major components: a coronal model and a heliosphere model including the option to model coronal mass ejections (CMEs). The coronal model provides data-driven solar wind plasma parameters at 0.1 AU. These are then used as boundary conditions to drive a three-dimensional time-dependent magnetohydrodynamics model of the inner heliosphere up to 2 AU. CMEs are injected into the ambient solar wind modeled using the cone model or a linear force-free spheromak model. 

We provide an extensive introduction to the model and will explain the general workflow of modeling a CME event. We will discuss how to install and run the model on the SpacePole cluster, how to run the empirical model and the heliospheric model including the addition of CMEs, while discussing the input parameters of the model. Lastly, we present a short overview on some of the studies that have been performed recently with EUHFORIA.

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Thursday, January 14, 2021 - 14:30 to 15:30

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