Agora: a new supplement for JSWSC

The Journal of Space Weather and Space Climate announces the launch of a new supplement titled "Agora". The Agora will be the place for the space weather community to discuss, evaluate and distribute non-traditional scientific output in the field of space science and space climate.

Topical Collection for Solar Physics: "Ten Years of Solar Observations with PROBA2"

We solicit manuscripts on this general subject for inclusion in a Topical Collection of the journal Solar Physics. The deadline for submission of statements of interest is 13 September 2019; and the deadline for manuscript submission is 2 November 2019.

Treasures from the past - precursors for solar physics

Solar physics at the ROB has deep roots going back as far as the late 19th century. It involved a first promising era of solar studies, owing to Dr Eugène Jean Hubert Spée, followed by a 33-year long hiatus.

The Sun keeps on burping

Magnetic instabilities in the southern part of sunspot region NOAA 2741 resulted in some impressive solar eruptions.

Sweet but a little bit psycho

An at first sight simple and symmetric sunspot produced a series of C-class flares. For the moment, none of the associated coronal mass ejections seems to have an earth-directed component.

Dynamic NOAA 2738

A big but quiet sunspot is transiting the solar disk. Photospheric lightbridges over this sunspot are continuously giving it a different appearance.

Preliminary prediction for the new solar cycle 25

An international team of researchers has issued a preliminary prediction for the upcoming solar cycle 25 (SC25). The strength of the new cycle is expected to be similar to the still ongoing solar cycle 24 (SC24).

Space junk

The space debris from an Indian satellite, destroyed in-orbit during a test with their anti-satellite missile system on 27 March, has raised concerns about the potential impacts on other satellites.

Cosmic Rays - how to handle them

Cosmic rays and energetic particles are an issue for humans in high altitude polar flights, humans travelling in space, space technology, radio communication near the Earth poles and more. No need to say that these particles need our attention.

A new Topical Issue for the SWSC Journal

The Journal of Space Weather and Space Climate (JSWSC) has opened a new Topical Issue entitled "Scientific Advances from the European Commission Horizon 2020 projects on Space Weather".



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