PROBA2: Belgian scientists keep an eye on the Sun

The Royal Observatory of Belgium in an orbit around Earth



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Launch-Lancering-Lancement PROBA2 (EN-NL-FR)

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Belgium on its way to space (EN-NL-FR)

Belgian solar physicists win prizes

A young scientist, Elena Podladchikova, gets the international recognized Zeldovich medal pinned up during the COSPAR conference in Canada. The medal is conferred for excellence and achievements. Dr. Podladchikova works at the 'Solar-Terrestrial Center of Excellence' (STCE), a Sun-Earth research group in Ukkel, Members of this team are also nominated for the prestigious Descartes prizes for their unique and excellent contributions to solar physics and space research.

A new center of excellence

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The Solar-Terrestrial Centre of Excellence: Combining our know-how

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Overview of press releases

The Fourth European Space Weather Week

Press release on the ESWW4: Space Weather: a threat? The tempers of the sun.

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