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Another Eclipse seen by PROBA2

We received the first data from PROBA2 of the September 1 annular solar eclipse. Again, PROBA2 was on the first row in space and therefore certain to witness it, clouds or not.

Spark of Aurora

A high-speed solar wind emanating from a solar coronal hole reached the orbit of the earth with sparking firework on August 23-24 photographed from Franeker, the Netherlands.


Credits: Vincent Van Leijen  

Falling Stars

The public was invited to search in the night sky for falling stars of the Perseids, a meteorswarm between the prestigious couples of the observatory in Uccle. It was a great evening on August 10.

Detect meteors

It's the time of the year to catch falling stars. These are in facts meteors. A technique is developed at the space pool to listen and identify them. And, you can help!

STCE Annual meeting

The 2016 edition of the STCE annual meeting led us along Roof Top Science, Cosmic Rays, 10years STCE Happy Birthday cake and a launch to Wuthering Heights - check the pictures.

European Space Weather Week

ESWW13 banner

At ESWW13 we try to make the perfect cocktail of people and knowledge that makes us Space Weather proof and strengtens our safety net. Cheers!

STCE annual meeting

A trip along Roof top science, cosmic rays and Wuthering Heights. 


A two-day course on the OpticStudio software, a optical design software. The course is intended for beginners who have a basic background in optics. The exact subjects to be covered will be decided by the participants and the organisor. The dates will be choosen based on the availability of the participants and the trainer from the Zemax company.

OpticStudio Camera Design


The SIDC revealed

On October 6 and 7, the SIDC puts its cards on the table during the opendoors of the Royal Observatory of Belgium, the Royal Meteorological Institute and the Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy.

The central theme is the Sun which is the speciality of the SIDC where sunspots, space weather and solar research are part of the daily life.

We invite everybody to take a tour to get a taste of the space pole and the International Heliophysical Year. Maquettes, multi-media material and nice displays will show the role of the SIDC in international space missions.

Fourth European Space Weather Week

From November 5 to 9, 2007, scientists from all over the world will gather in Brussels to discuss space weather. This is the second time THE European space weather event takes place in Belgium.

The SIDC, part of the Royal Observatory of Belgium (ROB) takes care of the local organisation. The SIDC is well placed for this task as a space weather research and service center. The conference is hosted by the Royal Library of Belgium, like the ROB itself one of the 10 federal scientific institutes under the umbrella of the Belgian Science Policy.



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