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SIDC scientists organize the 20th SOHO conference: Transient Events on the Sun and in the Heliosphere

Since its launch in 1995, SOHO is a true success story. The satellite celebrated one full solar cycle of observations, and enriched our knowledge with new discoveries. Among them a large variety of transients have been identified. It is now time to review and discuss them. The conference is well known in the international solar and space physics community.

PROBA2: the making of

Two instruments, Lyra and SWAP were integrated on the Proba 2 satellite in March 2007. Have a look at the slideshow underneath. More info in a previous Newsitem.


STEREO mission

In October 2006, NASA will launch the STEREO mission that features important Belgian contributions. This mission will provide the first ever three-dimensional view of the heliosphere and of the solar corona. The SIDC developed special software to make full use of the incoming data.

Solar-B will be launched

On September 23, Solar-B, the third solar physics satellite of ISAS, Institute of space and astronautical science of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, will be launched in Japan.

Third European Space Weather Week

From 13th November until 17th November 2006, scientists from all over the world will gather in Brussels to discuss space weather. Developments in forecast methods, ionospheric issues, modelling, data analysis methods and scientific research will be on the menu for 5 days.

Made in Belgium: Proba 2

The mini-satellite Proba 2, an ESA-mission, will be launched in September 2007. Onboard are SWAP and LYRA, two instruments in which the Royal Observatory of Belgium, the SIDC is deeply involved. Belgium will keep an eye on the Sun!

Annual Report of the SIDC

Once a year, we bundle all our activities and publications of the past year in a document. All projects and services on which we are currently are described. It fits in the bulky report of the Royal Observatory of Belgium, one of the 10 scientific federal institutes.

Total Solar Eclipse of Wednesday 29 March 2006

Above a drawing of the total solar eclipse observed in El-Sallum, Egypt on March 29 by Miyoshi Suzuki (contributor to the SIDC observing network). The shape of the corona was typical of the minimum phase of solar activity. The corona spreads trough about 3 solar diameter on the equator and spreads trough about one solar diameter above the poles.


The new SIDC-website

On March 27, a completely renewed website was launched. By restructuring all data and info, we hope to offer a better service. Therefore, we invite you to surf on our new solar wave.

Birthday of SOHO

Ten years ago, SOHO, the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory, was launched. The satellite is able to watch the Sun continuously. It was meant to stay operational for 2 years, but now, 10 years later, it still is! The SIDC is closely involved in the EIT and LASCO instruments, which prove to be very valuable to do the space weather forecast.




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