Airplane transits the Sun!

On 28 March, USET solar telescopes captured stunning images of a plane transiting the Sun.

M-class flares à volonté!

On 1 April, the Sun produced its first M-class flare since 29 November 2016. It was the first of a series of 7 M-class flares produced by active region NOAA 2644.

C-class flares at last!

Late on 26 March, the GOES-15 satellite recorded its first C-class flare since 24 February.

A good catch

The officially recordholder of catching non-existing flares works at the STCE. He works at the source of the solar data and 'saw' them first.

Sleeping Beauty

On 21 March, a tiny spot near the Sun's east limb marked the end of a spotless stretch that started on 6 March.

PROBA2 observed a solar eclipse

On 26 February, ESA's PROBA2 satellite observed a solar eclipse.

First GOES-16 solar images

There's a new entry in the space weather acronym list: SUVI.

EUI getting ready!...

The folks at CSL (Centre Spatial de Liège, Belgium) are assembling and testing the EUI (Extreme Ultraviolet Imager).

A stretched coronal hole

Once again, a coronal hole (CH) is making the headlines!

STCE Workshop

On 31 January, the STCE Workshop "Geomagnetic storms and solar eruptions: from Sun to Earth" took place in the cozy meeting room of the RMI. Thirty-nine (39!) participants got submerged in the modeling of drivers of geomagnetic storms and solar storms as well as their impact on the geospace environment. The workshop was chaired by Dr Véronique Delouille (ROB), and consisted of 7 talks each followed by a few minutes of Q and A. An overview and links to some of the talks can be found at the workshop's website.



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