Impressive solar eruption

On 18 April, active region NOAA 2651 produced an impressive solar eruption.

Airplane transits the Sun!

On 28 March, USET solar telescopes captured stunning images of a plane transiting the Sun.

M-class flares à volonté!

On 1 April, the Sun produced its first M-class flare since 29 November 2016. It was the first of a series of 7 M-class flares produced by active region NOAA 2644.

C-class flares at last!

Late on 26 March, the GOES-15 satellite recorded its first C-class flare since 24 February.

A good catch

The officially recordholder of catching non-existing flares works at the STCE. He works at the source of the solar data and 'saw' them first.

Sleeping Beauty

On 21 March, a tiny spot near the Sun's east limb marked the end of a spotless stretch that started on 6 March.

PROBA2 observed a solar eclipse

On 26 February, ESA's PROBA2 satellite observed a solar eclipse.

First GOES-16 solar images

There's a new entry in the space weather acronym list: SUVI.

EUI getting ready!...

The folks at CSL (Centre Spatial de Liège, Belgium) are assembling and testing the EUI (Extreme Ultraviolet Imager).

A stretched coronal hole

Once again, a coronal hole (CH) is making the headlines!



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