A first radio burst at Humain

The European Space Weather Week: the final result

The Sunspot Number clarified

The sunspot number is the oldest index for solar activity. The International Sunspot Index is the sunspot number calculated by the World Data Center for the sunspot index. The number has different appearances depending on the extent of the used data, the date of calculation, the time period over which we take a mean, the used method. We briefly present the different daily sunspot numbers.
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Partial solar eclipse observed in Belgium

A new camera recently installed at the Uccle Solar Equatorial Table spotted the Moon in front of the Sun at 13:13. The picture was taken in normal visible (white) light, to study the photosphere of the sun. Note the complete lack of sunspots due to solar minimum.

Solar cycle 24 sunspot

A second sunspot of solar cycle 24 popped up on April 13, 2008.

First light

On January 07, 2008, a brand new camera from the Uccle observatoria catched the Sun in the H-alpha wavelength.

A first cycle 24 sunspot

On Jan 4, 5 observatoria of the SIDC world wide network noticed a high-latitude sunspot with a magnetic configuration associated with the next solar cycle.

Welcome to solar cycle 24

An area in the northern hemisphere of the solar disk at a rather high latitude with a leading negative and trailing positive polarity is spotted: this could be the first indication of the start of solar cycle 24!



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