Solar-Terrestrial Centre of Excellence

Accessing and Exploitation of SDO data

Monday May 23, 2011


The NASA Solar Dynamics Observatory mission, launched in February 2010, has provided for more than a year images of the Sun with unprecedented details. The SDO-AIA and SDO-HMI telescopes together produce 4k x 4k images at a rate of 1.5Tbytes/day.
The STCE hosts the European hub for SDO data. It maintains a rolling archive of the latest 6 months of data, as well as a long-duration, low cadence data set, and a subset of the most frequently required events. The centre is intended to provide real-time web access to the basic images in variable resolution, and has high speed computing resources to generate composite and transformed images in real-time.
The aim of this workshop is to
  • present the computing and storage facilities
  • present the various ways available for accessing the data (using IDL or not). A hands-on session is foreseen to get familiar with those.
  • present some examples of intensive exploitations using the compute cluster
  • discuss further scientific exploitations of these data.


Welcome Session
09:00uIcebreaker - Coffee/Thee
09:15Welcome Veronique Delouille
Part I - Presentations
09:20 The SDO data center: Computing and storage facilities - How to access the data using python and IDL David Boyes
10:00Intensive exploitation of compute cluster for motion estimation on AIA data Samuel Gissot
10:30Modeling of Total Solar Irradiance from ground based magnetograms Steven Dewitte
10:50Possible usage of SDO data in the FP7 COMESEP projectNorma Crosby
11:00Combining SDO and PROBA2 dataDan Seaton
11:15Coffee Break
Part II - Hands-on Sessions
11:30How to handle SDO data using IDLVeronique Delouille
12:00How to handle SDO data using Python and Pseudo File systemDavid Boyes
13:00Lunch Break
14:00Open discussion


For the hands-out session, we recommend that you come with your laptop, and have the necessary software (IDL, python) installed. The scripts to be run during this session will be available on prior to the morning (on Friday 20 May).

Scientific CommitteeDavid Boyes
Veronique Delouille
Didier Moreau


Date: May 23, 2011
Time: 09:00 - 15:00
Venue: Meridian Room, Royal Observatory of Belgium, Avenue Circulaire 3, B-1180 Uccle

We encourage you to present your activities in this area to make this meeting as constructive as possible. Please feel free to pass this information to anybody who might be interested in this meeting.
Anyone interested in attending this workshop is kindly asked to confirm by email to veronique.delouille at

We hope to meet you and learn about this science circulating at the plateau!